• Seth Marinello (Manager)
  • Victor Meyerson (Stage & Build System)
  • Jimson Xu (Trees & Camera)
  • William Faught (Collision & LOD)
  • Darrell Lum (Menus)
  • Tom Bouldin (Shaders)
  • Michael DeSantis (Models)

Team Website:



Happy Bunny Garden Panic is a simple puzzle game based on the gameplay ideas in the Sega game Chu Chu Rocket.

We created it from scratch over 10 weeks for the CSC 476 Spring 2007 course at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

All of the artwork, music, code, and sounds were created by the team, with the exception of some public domain models.


Download Mac OS X!

Download Win32

Download Src (Download Win32 Zip for Data)


Other Features:

  • Axis Aligned Bounding Boxes
  • 3+ Puzzling Stages
  • Colorful Menus
  • Supports Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Original Music & Sounds
  • Event Based Camera
  • Bonus Items
  • Panic

Website by Seth Marinello 2007